DeByers Data Management System

Areas of Application

Water and Wastewater Treatment

Chemical & Pharmaceutical Manufacturing - Batch Processing

Remote Monitoring

• Oil Wells, Utilities, Gas Transfer Stations, Solar Energy, Wind Farms, Storage Tank Farms

Discrete Manufacturing

• Bottling, Packaging, Automotive Assembly Line

Food and Drink Manufacturing

• Bakery, Brewery, Soft Drinks, Distillery

Operational Intelligence

Types of Data We Analyze

Temperature Pressure Tank Level
Valve Position Vibration Analysis Viscosity
Flow Rate Weight Specific Gravity
Volume Power Moisture Content
Speed Current Humidity

Types of Equipment We Monitor

Compressors Cooling Towers Pipelines
Reactors Storage Tanks Refrigeration
Boilers HVAC System Pumps
Vacuum System Blending Tanks Assembly Lines
Distillation Columns Scrubbers Palletizers

These tools are designed for use by your maintenance, engineering, and management staff.

Project Engineers

Monitor and log data from PLC's and controllers

Verify equipment operates according to procedure

Troubleshoot equipment failures

Send custom alerts via email to multiple stakeholders

Process Improvement Engineers

Reduce Cycle Time

Improve product quality and reduce unscheduled downtime

Increase Overall Equipment Efficiency

Provide feedback to operators


Provides a convenient, easy to use reporting tool for alarms,downtime,cycle times and productivity

Reports can be configured to report down to the operator level for feedback

Graphing features allow for clear time-series analysis of data to better evaluate operating performance at various points during the production cycle

Check out our product brochures by application:

DeByers Utilities Brochure

DeByers Oil Field Brochure

Chemical Processing and Batch Manufacturing Brochure

DeByers Full System Brochure

Try Before You Buy!

We offer a demo version of the Historian for evaluation prior to purchase. The demo comes with preloaded database and configured reports.
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