DeByers Process Data Historian and Data Logging Appliance

DeByers Reporting Service and Hosted Cloud Solution

The DeByers Reporting Service and Hosted Cloud Solution is tightly integrated with our Data Management System.
The DeByers Reporting Service was developed to enhance communication with your team members and to provide

Data Logging Options

Log Data at Defined Time Intervals
Log Data on Change
Log Data Based on User Defined Triggers
Save Logged Data to USB Drive
Automatically Save Data to a File Server


Internal hard drive allows long term storage and buffering of logged data. Log data to industry standard CSV (comma separated variable) format files.
Communication drivers to industry leading devices. Export data directly to Debyers Process Data Historian and Reporting Software System database.
Dual Gigabit Ethernet ports allowing separation of control network and business networks. Wide temperature range of operation: -20C to +70C
Support for logging to USB Drives Email Alarm Notifications Based on User Defined Triggers
Built-in web server provides easy access to the logged data Tightly integrated with Debyers Data Historian and Reporting Software System

Supported PLC Communication Protocols

Allen Bradley Logix Direct Ethernet
Allen Bradley Legacy Direct Ethernet
Siemens S7 Ethernet
S7 - 1500
S7 - 1200
S7 - 400
S7 - 300
S7 - 200
ModBus/TCP Ethernet
Supported ModBus Functions Address Modes
1 - Read Coils Zero-Based
2 - Read Discrete Inputs One-Based
3 - Read Holding Registers Modicon 5-digit (1, 10001, 30001, 40001)
4 - Read Input Registers Modicon 6-digit (1, 100001, 300001, 400001)


Construction Power Input
Extruded aluminum and steel, IP40. DIN mount 12 – 24 vdc @ 1.4 – 0.7A Protection: OVP (± 20%), reverse polarity protected
Communications Operating Conditions
2x LAN 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet
1x RS-232/422/485
1x8 DIO (5V TTL, 10ma max)
Temperature -20C to +70C
Humidity 10 - 90% non-condensing
Vibration 2 Grms (5-500Hz)
Storage Weight
64Gb SATA III SSD 0.67 lbs
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DeByers Full System Brochure

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