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Generate Batch and Time Range Based Reports
The DeByers Process Data Historian and Reporting System provides a robust set of tools for analyzing Process data and utilizing it to drive your Process Improvement activities. DeByers Historian is designed to handle time series based data logged from PLC's and other controllers. The Historian is also designed for Batch processes. The Historian has built in reporting tools that your management and engineering staff can use to analyze and report on your processes.

The following reporting tools are included with the Historian:
Batch Cycle Time Report
Alarm History Report
Downtime Report
Production Report
Graphical Analysis Reports

Cycle Time Reports

Generate Cycle Times by Product

Compare Cycle Times by machine, process, shift, operator, etc

Cycle Time Report

Reactor 1 & Reactor 2

2/2/2019 12:00:00 AM - 3/2/2019 12:00:00 AM

Detail: Reactor 1
Product ID Lot# Start Time End Time Total Cycle Time, Hrs Downtime During Cycle, Hrs
9321 4854 2019/02/04 07:32:00 2019/02/05 19:25:00 35.9 2.1
Product 1234 Batch101 2019/02/07 05:22:00 2019/02/08 07:04:00 25.7 2.3
Batch 112 2019/02/18 01:21:00 2019/02/19 05:41:00 28.3 3.7
Batch 1172019/02/19 05:49:002019/02/20 09:21:0027.51.6
Product 45971659042019/02/05 19:33:002019/02/07 05:16:0033.73.3
1660112019/02/15 00:06:002019/02/16 11:16:0035.23.8
1662212019/02/23 02:36:002019/02/24 13:00:0034.43.3
Product 5678ZQ0112019/02/11 12:50:002019/02/12 12:20:0023.52.6
ZM0332019/02/12 12:28:002019/02/13 11:49:0023.42.3
ZP1772019/02/20 09:31:002019/02/21 11:22:0025.94.4
BB7892019/02/27 14:45:002019/02/28 16:13:0025.54.0
BA7992019/02/28 16:20:002019/03/01 15:47:0023.52.2
Product 6712120932019/02/08 07:12:002019/02/09 21:45:0038.62.6
120952019/02/09 21:52:002019/02/11 12:42:0038.82.9
130042019/02/21 11:30:002019/02/23 02:27:0039.03.1
Product 932148512019/02/02 19:26:002019/02/04 07:24:0036.02.7
51012019/02/13 11:54:002019/02/14 23:57:0036.13.1
52022019/02/16 11:30:002019/02/18 01:11:0037.75.1
52242019/02/24 13:07:002019/02/26 03:03:0037.94.3
52272019/02/26 03:11:002019/02/27 14:38:0035.53.1
Detail: Reactor 2
Product IDLot#Start TimeEnd TimeTotal Cycle Time, HrsDowntime During Cycle, Hrs
932152252019/02/15 09:55:002019/02/16 13:51:0027.93.4
Product 1234Batch982019/02/05 02:00:002019/02/06 00:19:0022.34.2
Batch992019/02/07 04:53:002019/02/08 02:46:0021.93.7
Batch1002019/02/08 02:54:002019/02/08 23:07:0020.22.7
Batch1102019/02/16 13:58:002019/02/17 11:00:0021.02.7
Batch1112019/02/18 06:31:002019/02/19 04:31:0022.03.8
Batch11202019/02/23 17:26:002019/02/24 14:59:0021.64.0
Batch11222019/02/24 15:06:002019/02/25 12:31:0021.43.8
Product 45971652242019/02/02 19:34:002019/02/03 23:13:0027.73.4
1652382019/02/03 23:23:002019/02/05 01:54:0026.52.5
1662042019/02/11 18:34:002019/02/12 21:52:0027.33.4
1662062019/02/12 22:02:002019/02/14 00:18:0026.32.3
1662312019/02/20 08:54:002019/02/21 13:25:0028.53.5
1710412019/02/27 12:29:002019/02/28 17:16:0028.84.5
Product 5678BD2152019/02/10 06:30:002019/02/11 01:18:0018.83.0
BB7792019/02/17 11:07:002019/02/18 06:24:0019.34.8
BF1992019/02/22 22:07:002019/02/23 17:13:0019.13.7
EW112019/02/26 17:32:002019/02/27 12:21:0018.83.2
Product 5678-RWBD2242019/02/11 01:27:002019/02/11 18:28:0017.02.1
Product 6712120972019/02/08 23:14:002019/02/10 06:23:0031.23.8
130072019/02/14 00:26:002019/02/15 09:46:0033.34.9
130052019/02/21 13:34:002019/02/22 21:58:0032.43.9
Product 932151092019/02/06 00:28:002019/02/07 04:44:0028.34.8
52262019/02/19 04:38:002019/02/20 08:47:0028.23.4
53012019/02/25 12:39:002019/02/26 17:22:0028.73.8
Summary: Reactor 1
Product ID# CyclesAverage Cycle Time, HrsAverage Downtime, Hrs
Product 1234327.22.5
Product 4597334.43.5
Product 5678524.33.1
Product 6712338.82.8
Product 9321536.63.7
Summary: Reactor 2
Product ID# CyclesAverage Cycle Time, HrsAverage Downtime, Hrs
Product 1234721.53.5
Product 4597627.53.3
Product 5678419.03.7
Product 5678-RW117.02.1
Product 6712332.34.2
Product 9321328.44.0
Summary: Overall Summary
Product ID# CyclesAverage Cycle Time, HrsAverage Downtime, Hrs
Product 12341023.23.2
Product 4597929.83.3
Product 5678922.03.4
Product 5678-RW117.02.1
Product 6712635.53.5
Product 9321833.53.8

Downtime Time Reports

Generate Downtime Reports
The Historian Downtime Report tool provides detailed analysis of your overall equipment effectiveness. The report allow you to review the details of events by process. Report equipment efficiency and runtime by shift, operator, etc.

Pareto's Analysis of:

Operator Reported Causes for Downtime



Utility Related Faults

Reactor 3

Downtime Report

2/2/2019 12:00:00 AM - 2/9/2019 12:00:00 AM

Detail: Reactor 3
Date: DayProduct IDLot#ShiftProcess StatusStart TimeEnd TimeAlarm/Downtime Cause
2019/02/02Product 56781901512CUnloading00:00:0000:00:00
Product 45971902401CChangeover01:00:0001:00:00
10:09:0002/05 12:13:00Reason for Downtime = Steam value PLC output fuse blown
2019/02/03Product 45971902401CRunning00:00:0007:58:00
2019/02/04Product 45971902401CRunning00:00:0007:46:00
Product 12341902101AChangeover11:03:0011:03:00
2019/02/05Product 12341902101CRunning00:00:0007:58:00
13:15:0013:30:00Reason for Downtime = Cooling water valve jammed - replaced
2019/02/06Product 12341902101CRunning00:00:0007:53:00
2019/02/07Product 12341902102CRunning00:00:0007:03:00
2019/02/08Product 12341902102CRunning00:00:0007:44:00
Product 67121902601AChangeover11:27:0011:27:00
2019/02/09Product 67121902601CRunning00:00:0000:00:00
Runtime Summary: Reactor 3 - On Change - Reactor Status
Product IDLot#ShiftTotal Hours% Running% Stopped% Changeover% Unloading
Product 12341902101A14.575.58.915.70.0
Product 12341902101B15.6100.
Product 12341902101C15.9100.
Product 12341902102A12.988.
Product 12341902102B15.8100.
Product 12341902102C14.8100.
Product 45971902401A16.392.
Product 45971902401B15.7100.
Product 45971902401C22.790.
Product 56781901512C0.0
Product 67121902601A3.848.
Product 67121902601B8.0100.
Product 67121902601C0.0
Alarm/Downtime Cause Summary: Reactor 3 - On Change
1Reason for Downtime = Steam value PLC output fuse blown
1Reason for Downtime = Cooling water valve jammed - replaced

Production Summary Reports

Generate Production Reports
The Historian Production Report tool provides production reports that may be summarized by:



Day, Week, Month, Year

Drumming Station

Production Report

3/2/2019 12:00:00 AM - 3/5/2019 1:14:04 PM

Detail: Drumming Station - Net wt, lbs
Date: DayProduct IDLot#ShiftTotal Net lbs# DrumsStart TimeEnd Time
2019/03/02Product 5678EW11A8,263.02208:00:0009:08:10
Product 45971902403A16,359.03712:51:1015:05:16
2019/03/03Product 5678BB789A11,770.03108:00:0009:41:02
Product 4597171041A8,338.01913:44:0214:49:30
2019/03/04Product 5678BA799A12,084.03208:00:0009:37:06
Product 671214682A8,318.01913:31:4214:40:18
Product 45971902404B15,367.03518:48:1821:01:01
2019/03/05Product 671213009A10,784.02408:00:0009:28:04
Summary: Drumming Station - Net wt, lbs
Product IDLot#ShiftTotal Net lbs# Drums
Product 4597171041A8,338.019
Product 45971902403A16,359.037
Product 45971902404B15,367.035
Product 5678BA799A12,084.032
Product 5678BB789A11,770.031
Product 5678EW11A8,263.022
Product 671213009A10,784.024
Product 671214682A8,318.019

Reporting Service for the DeByers Process Data Historian

Automate the generation and distribution of reports used by your management team

Daily production reports

Shift reports

Downtime and alarm history reports

Equipment OEE reports

Cycle time reports

Real time process status reports

Automatically import data from DeByers Data Loggers as well as other data logging systems

Import PLC and Controller Data

The Historian will import data currently being logged from your PLC's and controllers. The Historian accepts data in the standard format - CSV files (CSV - comma separated variable files). This format is supported by most PLC's, HMI's(operator interfaces), SCADA systems, and third party data loggers.
Try Before You Buy!
We offer a demo version of the Historian for evaluation prior to purchase. The demo comes with preloaded database and configured reports.
Please sign in or create an account if you would like to download the demo version. Resources such as help videos and user manuals are available on your Account Home page once you have created an account.

Software Activation
To activate your software, login to your account. Navigate to the "Activate/View Licenses Page".
Follow the instructions on that page.
Please contact customer support if you are having issues or are unable to to activate your software.
***Note - Once you have activated your software license, you will no longer be eligible for a refund. The software will operate in Demo mode until it has been authorized to allow you to evaluate the product.

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