DeByers Reporting Service and Hosted Cloud Solution

DeByers Reporting Service and Hosted Cloud Solution

The DeByers Reporting Service and Hosted Cloud Solution were developed to enhance communication with your team members and to provide them with the information they need to do their jobs effectively.

Reporting Service

Automate the generation and distribution of reports used by your management team, such as:
Daily Production Reports
Shift Reports
Downtime and Alarm History Reports
Equipment OEE Reports
Cycle Time Reports
Real time process status reports
Automatically import data from DeByers Data Loggers as well as other data logging systems

Hosted Cloud Solution

Provides a secure portal that allows you to share reports with members of your team remotely
The Portal Administrator has the ability to add, remove, and change permissions for each user based on which reports they have clearance to access
Works with our Reporting Service to generate real-time status reports that provide data on key process indicators (i.e., temperature, pressure, humidity, etc.)
Provides information on which alarms are active if any
Process data archives stay internal for added security. Only reports are stored on the cloud, not the actual process data
The Reporting Service is compatible with existing intranet and external web servers

To learn more about our products, please create an account and sign in. Our help videos, user manuals and data logger configurator will be available on the Account Home page for your evaluation.
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